10 full-body strength training workouts 

Walking squat

Begin in a crouched position with feet that are as broad as the pelvis. Pull the abdominals in and bow the legs as if attempting to recline in a chair. 

Squat with knee extension

Begin in the squatting position. As you press down through the heels to stand up, bring your left knee toward your torso by bringing it upward. 

Twisted thrust to the side

 Twist your torso to the left to engage your core and to strengthen your right leg's balance. Ten repetitions, then alternate sides.

½ lunge walking lunge

Your feet should be as wide as your shoulders. Then, take a half lunge by stepping the right foot forward and bending the right knee midway.

Standing leg raise toward the rear

Pull your abdomen in toward your spine and raise your erect left leg behind you to strengthen your glutes. 

Knee-to-elbow pushups

As you descend to your hands and knees, position your shoulders above your wrists and your knees below your hips.

Tricep dips

Place your hands behind your back as you sit on your bottom on the ground. Turn the fingertips so that they face the butt, and raise the butt off the mat. 

Plank to downdog

From the hands and knees position, move the knees back to curl the heels under and raise into the plank position. 

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