10 Simple Exercises That Will Help You Burn Fat

Alternate lunges with push-ups

These two simple workouts will sculpt muscle and give you a leaner figure. You can use this to start your workout or as a little extra burner at the end to give you that cherry-on-top finish.

HIIT workouts

HIIT exercises to burn weight. In this cardio method, you push yourself hard for 20 seconds and then actively relax to regain your breath for up to twice as long as the intense section at the start.

Every day, walk 45 minutes.

Walks before work and breakfast are more beneficial. "This walk wakes up your metabolism first thing in the morning, putting you in a fat-burning state all day.

Concentrate on whole-body motions

Total body movements—exercises that use many muscle groups at once—give you a greater workout in less time and teach your muscles to function together. "You're building strength, not just through a single muscle group, but through your core as well.

Enjoy your hobbies.

It's obvious, but if you love exercising, you'll stick with it. If you don't enjoy jogging and push yourself to jog everyday, you'll ultimately quit. Outdoor sports like riding, swimming, and kayaking seem more like fun than workout

Take the stairs.

It's simple to hit a button or jump on the moving stairs and arrive unopposed, but you're missing a terrific chance to shed body fat. Simple stair routines may enhance it: Hop up the stairs, move sideways, or take two steps at a time

Daily squats

This exercise to tone your buttocks. If you can, attempt squat jumps: After lowering down with your spine straight, eyes forward, and knees not beyond your toes, spring up and repeat.

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