10 Worst Protein-Packed Foods for Weight Loss

Fried Chicke

Fried chicken is salty and fatty. A fried chicken breast with skin has 20 grams of fat, while a skinless one has eight. This influences calories and weight loss. 


Sausage offers protein 24/7. Sausage, whether with eggs in the morning, at a BBQ restaurant for lunch, or cooked in a bun for dinner, may also hinder weight loss.


Processed meat, like salami, is cured, salted, or smoked to preserve it. Curing meats improves taste and texture, making them a popular protein source.


Breakfast bacon is fatty. Bacon has more fat than protein per serving than lean meats. This outperforms sausage ratios. Pork bacon is most popular and fatty.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are popular with kids and adults. Like other processed meats, pork and beef hot dogs have more fat than protein. Hot dogs' calories make weight loss harder

Meal Replacement Bars

Meal replacement bars differ. These bars are high in protein and calories. Convenient bars provide over 400 calories.

Flavored Greek Yogurt

Popular flavored varieties in your fridge may contain added sugar that may delay your weight loss.

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