11 Best Exercises to Burn Belly Fat As Fast As Possible

According to Michaels, this workout targets your core as well as your chest, shoulders, lats, triceps, and quads. Burpees will also increase your heart rate because they contain plyometric movements that are explosive.

1) Burpees

Michaels likes this moving plank workout because it strengthens your core as well as a variety of other body muscles, much like burpees do.

2) Mountain Climbers

Ramona Braganza, a famous fitness expert, favors the Turkish-getup, a 200-year-old total-body exercise that requires utilizing a kettlebell. She claims that while being a little difficult, the total-body conditioning technique is really effective at shredding abdominal fat.

3) Turkish Get-Up

Phelps advises incorporating a medicine ball into your burpees to up the difficulty and speed up your metabolism while sculpting a svelte set of six-pack abs.

4) Medicine Ball Burpees

The sprawl is essentially a burpee on steroids; it works every muscle in your body, burns calories, and shapes and tones your upper and lower body, especially your abs.By having you touch your chest to the ground and transition from a push-up to a plank as you perform the exercise, it elevates the standard burpee to a new level.

5) Sprawls

According to Chris DiVecchio, trainer and owner of Premier Body & Mind, "medicine ball slams are a dynamic, explosive, and highly metabolic exercise that does not simply target one muscle group." The main muscles involved in this exercise are the obliques, hamstrings, quadriceps, shoulders, and biceps.

6) Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Slams

Your core gets stronger as you pound overhead medicine balls against gravity. By raising your heart rate each time you pick up and bring the ball overhead, this workout also puts your endurance to the test. Use a hefty weighted ball for this workout to obtain the most benefit.

7) Overhead Medicine Ball Slams

According to DiVecchio, the Russian twist is a core workout that enhances oblique strength and definition. The exercise involves twisting your torso from side to side while maintaining a sit-up position with your feet off the ground. It is often done with a medicine ball or plate.

8) Russian Twists

You are aware that burning the layer of fat resting on top of your abdominal muscles depends on your cardio workouts. However, according to personal trainer Adam Sanford, owner of Adam Sanford Fitness in New York City, it's still crucial to exercise your abdominal muscles while trying to lose weight. His go-to maneuver for doing that? holding a board while doing BOSUs.

9) BOSU Ball Planks

According to Los Angeles-based personal trainer Jill Penfold, running on an inclination rather than a flat surface has been shown to improve total calorie burn by as much as 50%. Start out by walking for five to ten minutes, whether you're outside on a hill or in the gym on an inclined treadmill.

10) Running On an Incline

Even though you might not have access to open water, you can still incorporate this calorie-burning cardio exercise into your regular training program. A rowing machine strengthens your legs, core, arms, shoulders, and back in addition to raising your heart rate, which helps you burn fat and consume lots of calories. 

11) Rowing Machine