2 Life-Changing Morning Habits For Over-40 Women To Blast Belly Fat

Fiber is crucial to weight loss. Fiber promotes satiety between meals to reduce cravings and overeating and supports digestion and blood sugar regulation, which might help you lose weight.

1. Increase fiber intake at breakfast

"Fiber takes up space in the stomach, so it increases the time between a meal being consumed and cravings for the next meal," adding, "which is part of why our country faces an obesity epidemic."

Hydration is essential, especially in the morning. Experts advocate starting the day with a big glass of water instead of coffee.

2. Drink more water in the morning

"Drinking water can help you stay hydrated and reduce the intensity of cravings,"  One study showed that overweight people can lose weight by drinking water. The findings show that water-induced thermogenesis may aid weight loss.

In addition to these fat-burning benefits, consuming water prior to meals can help you consume fewer calories.In order to eat less and hence ingest less calories, you can also try drinking water before meals.