3 Morning Mistakes That Almost Always Lead To Belly Fat

Skip breakfast for weight loss? No way. Boyer stresses the importance of breakfast. "Make sure to eat breakfast after waking up," he advises, "skipping breakfast can lead to blood sugar spikes and hormonal imbalances that can cause bloating and inflammation."

1. Skipping Breakfast

That's why breakfast is so important. Breakfast promotes healthy, steady digestion for weight loss, according to Boyer. He recommends "opting for a whole grain-rich breakfast with protein and fiber to keep you feeling full longer and prevent cravings later in the day." Boyer says this prevents weight growth.

Black coffee is good for digestion and metabolism, but Richards advises that adding fattening creamers or artificial sweeteners might slow weight reduction. Heavy creamers and artificial sweeteners cause indigestion, inflammation, and bloating.

2. Adding Heavy Creamers And Sweeteners to Your Coffee

"Adding milk or creamer to coffee is a practice done by most coffee drinkers to enhance the flavor and creamy nature of the often bitter and acidic drink," she says. "While it is common, adding creamer is also a way calories, sugar, and fat sneak into our diet and it adds up quickly." Richards advises weight loss patients to avoid specific coffee creamers. She advises "always [reading] the nutrition and ingredient labels for fat, calories, and added sugar." Richards recommends limiting additional sugar to 1–2 grams.

Why start your day with sweet pastries or cereals? Hunnes advises that processed breakfast items won't satisfy hunger and will cause energy dumps and overeating later.

3. Eating Processed Foods

Hunnes argues refined carbohydrate and sugar morning pastries are the worst processed meal for inflammation and weight gain. "Ultra-processed carbohydrates, like those in Pop-Tarts, energy bars, and pastries, are the least healthy," Hunnes says. Discover the worst sweet pastry for weight reduction.