3 Quick Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Reduce Belly Fat

The peer-reviewed European Journal of Preventive Cardiology reported in January 2018 that "by substituting sitting with standing for six hours/day, a 65 kg [143 lbs.] person will expend an additional 54 kcal/day."

Stand Up

"Assuming no increase in energy intake, this difference in energy expenditure would be translated into the energy content of about 2.5 kg [around 5.5 lbs] of body fat mass in 1 year," the report noted.

Mason advised eating more protein while cutting sugar. Nuts, lean meat, eggs, beans, lentils, fish, and dairy are examples. "By allocating 30% of your daily calories to foods high in protein you should find your cravings reduced and metabolism increased," he said.

Eat Less Sugar, More Protein

Mason said individuals who "eat better quality protein tend to have less belly fat and don't put on weight as fast as those that don't have a high protein diet."

Roser said, "Stress releases cortisol [an essential hormone that regulates your body's response to stress, the 'fight or flight' response], which is stored in the abdominal area."

Reduce Stress

The personal trainer suggested doing out three times a week, walking, dancing, or deep breathing to reduce tension. She advised sleeping seven to eight hours every night to lower cortisol. "Not only will you feel better throughout the day, but you'll notice your belly fat reducing over time," Roser said.