4 Easy Resistance Band Exercises To Shrink&Fight Body Fat

Resistance band pushups start with a high plank and a band around your thighs. Walk broader than hip-width. Control your descent before rising to the commencement. "Focus on the additional thigh and oblique engagement as you move through this already challenging movement pattern

1. Pushups

Forearm plank with elbows beneath shoulders and resistance band around thighs. Your head-to-toe line should be straight. "Find stability first, then alternate bending your knees."Focus on pulling up from under the navel as the knee bends toward the floor to highlight deeper abdominal work, as well as for more intensity in the thighs and glutes." 

2. Forearm Planks with Knee Bends

Another plank variation requires a twin tube resistance band. Hold the tube with one hand in the center and one on the handle. For hip and lower back alignment, plant your feet wider than hip-width. "Pull the other elbow straight up toward the ceiling. Epic core stability and upper-body rowing merge in this advanced plank and upper-body stabilization exercise.

 3. Double-Tube Resistance Band Plank

Banded squats require a short resistance band above your knees and a solid base. Hands on hips or out in front. While squatting, press your knees out against the band's resistance. Lower to parallel. Press both feet to stand up.

4. Band-Squats

"You can use resistance bands instead of hand weights to get different tension in triceps extensions and load the muscles throughout the full range of movement,". "Assume a tabletop position with one hand on the floor holding band tension. Grab the other band (or end) in the opposite hand and stretch that arm behind you, maintaining your shoulders straight to the floor. 

5. Triceps Extensions