5 Best Drinks To Melt Belly Fat Faster


Our bodies crave sugar when we're hungry or want something sweet. If we're trying to lose weight, these sweet cravings can lead us to eat sugary snacks

ultra-processed foods like packaged baked goods, or sugar-sweetened beverages like soda or fancy coffee drinks. 

Calorie-free drinks

They can contribute to high blood sugar and belly fat, [but] you can't really say the opposite - that there's something you can drink that will help you lose belly fat.

Calorie-free beverages can help you lose weight by lowering your calorie intake. Losing weight will reduce visceral fat and other body fat.

Green tea

Green tea contains caffeine and catechins, bioactive plant compounds that help burn belly fat. 

These two main components have the chance to help enhance fat oxidation (the ability to burn fat)

unsweetened black tea

Black tea is a healthy alternative to bitter green tea. Black tea contains natural flavonoids and may lower blood pressure

People who drank three cups of unsweetened black tea daily for three months lost more inches than those who drank the other caffeinated beverage.


Coffee can suppress appetite in some people, reducing calorie intake and belly fat. "Caffeine stimulates thermogenesis,

Studies have shown that high-caffeine consumers have high levels of healthy bacteria and low levels of potentially harmful microbes.

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