5 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Before Breakfast

Drink plenty of water when you first wake up

Water boosts metabolism and aids weight reduction, according to research.

Starting your morning with a glass of water can help you lose weight

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness can improve your morning. Mindfulness sets you up for weight loss success all day, 

When you're grateful and in tune with your body, your eating and exercise habits will follow,Emotional eating will also decrease.

Get some sun

Vitamin D helps you lose weight. Science confirms! Get in a few minutes of sunlight in the

Numerous research have linked UV light exposure to weight reduction. A five-minute walk around the block or a cup of tea on your porch will do.Get in a few minutes of sunlight in the

Move your body

Movement in the morning can help you create a good daily routine. Exercise is a natural mood booster, and often drives healthier habits.

A 10-minute walk or jog can start those endorphins flowing and set you up for all-day success if your mornings are hectic.

 Track of your weight

A good morning habit is weighing yourself. Thus, you may monitor your weight daily and make adjustments as needed

Consistent weight tracking may help you lose weight. Weighing oneself in the morning helps you set breakfast and daily objectives.