5 Strength Exercises for Women To Get Instant Abs

Starting with your hands shoulder-width apart on a pull-up bar, the hanging knee raise begins. Raise your feet together and slightly in front of you. Keep elevating your knees until they form a 90-degree angle. Lower them again.

1. Hanging Knee Raises

In order to properly perform a plank, your pelvis should tilt under and toward your spine, which you may recognize as a "posterior pelvic tilt." Getting into this correct position creates more tension in your abs while lessening tension in your hip flexors

2. Planks

Set the pulley high to start cable wood cuts. Maintain a square posture. Extend both arms forward. Hold the handle and move it toward your opposite hip. Keep your core tight and don't twist!At the end of the movement, slightly turn your rear foot, but don't twist too far.

3. Cable Wood Chops

The following step in our strength exercises for women to gain immediate abs can be done on a back extension machine at the gym. "Place your feet on the bottom platform and rest your quads on the pads to start. Flex your spine till you reach the floor, then extend it again.

4. GHD Back Extensions

Loading a rotating movement and resisting it is anti-rotation. Strengthen your core with anti-rotational exercises.These exercises prepare you to handle torque so you can handle bumps, falls, and spine twists.

5. Pall of Press