6 Drinking Habits That Are Aging You Faster

For example, beverages high in sugar, alcohol, and even artificial sweeteners can accelerate the aging process from within.

Fiber-free drinks

The same analysis also suggests that low fiber intake accelerates aging.

Lacking water

Hydration is crucial to looking and feeling younger. Skipping water may age you unwittingly.

Overconsuming soda daily

Sugar raises poor cholesterol and weight, which increases cardiovascular disease risk.It also accelerates aging.

Heavy sweet juice consumption

Even without Coke, you're not safe. Juice has a healthy reputation, but it can include a lot of added sugar, which can age you faster.

Using artificially sweetened drinks

If you replace soda or juice with diet drinks sweetened with sugar substitutes, you may be inadvertently accelerating aging.

Guzzling alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol is linked to some cancers and liver damage, and in women it can increase the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes and high blood pressure.

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