6 Ways to Start Running in Your 50s

Focus on your health and your feet

Get a physical before pushing your heart harder than it has in recent years to be sure you don't have a murmur, low or high blood pressure, or other hidden issues that running could exacerbate.

Strengthen for a couple weeks

Runners should start strength training two or three weeks before running. This prevents injury and prepares your running muscles for high-impact exercise.

Choose a plan or coach.

Not everyone wants to stick to a running schedule, but a program gives you parameters and protects you from doing too much, too soon

Fuel up to move more.

 If you're running more than two hours after eating, have a 100-300-calorie snack of simple carbs 30 minutes before jogging.

Find your people

Online communities like Chi Running and Not Your Average Runner are wonderful for connecting with other runners. Road Runners of America can help you discover a local group.

Get your mind in the game

Whether you want to shatter world records at 100 or jog two kilometers easily, having concrete, ambitious, but doable goals keeps you motivated.