7 Bodyweight Exercise Mistakes To Avoid After 40

Poor range of motion is the first of our seven bodyweight workout faults to avoid. Bad "range of motion" (ROM) is when you only go down three inches when doing pushups. Poor range of motion strains the wrong muscles and joints.

1. You're using poor range of motion.

Although bodyweight activities seem less difficult than strength workouts, you should never exercise "ice cold." Even if it's light, move your body, get the blood flowing, raise your body temperature, and open your joints to complete the motions correctly, feel wonderful, and get the most out of your workout.

2. You're skipping your warm-up.

It may be time to increase the difficulty if you're doing hundreds of reps. To continuously challenging your muscles to grow, raise the difficulty rather than reps. Get a weight vest, try harder versions, or walk slowly.

3. You're going too easy.

Back exercises without equipment are rare. You'll generate imbalances and poor posture if you ignore your back. (Wall slides won't generate as much strength as pushups.) A pull-up bar or suspension trainer lets you do more bodyweight activities to create strong back muscles.

4. You're ignoring your back.

Box jumps, squat jumps, hops, bounds, and other plyometrics should not be done dozens of times for tons of sets. They're designed for a few reps each set with lots of recovery to target fast-twitch muscle fibers, leverage the stretch-shortening cycle, and learn proper landing. For "plyos," keep reps and sets low and utilize proper technique.

5. You're doing too many plyometrics.

It's noble to challenge yourself to accomplish hundreds of reps per day, but muscles grow when resting, not working. To recuperate, regenerate, and avoid overuse injuries, take a break. Take one or two days off per week from training. Try hiking, biking, or stretching to stay active.

6. You're not taking any days off.

The worst bodyweight workout mistake is neglecting your cool-down. Whether you're benching 225 pounds or doing bodyweight exercises at home, it doesn't matter: Refreshing is essential. It speeds up healing, relaxes muscles, prevents discomfort, and prepares you to train again. Foam roll and stretch after your workout.

7. You're skipping your cool-down.