7 Easy Ways To Burn More Belly Fat While Walking

Walk faster. I know—it seems obvious—but there's a precise technique to accomplish this for fantastic outcomes. Don't just "walk as fast as you can for as long as you can"—use intervals to test your body and develop your endurance over time. Walk fast and slow every minute.

1. Change speeds.

Walking uphill securely increases workout intensity. It improves posture by promoting appropriate walking mechanics and foot striking and targeting hip and hamstring muscles. Walk uphill or on an incline treadmill. 

2. Walk uphill.

Walking workouts benefit from weighted vests. Healthline says light resistance strengthens muscles, bones, and joints without much effect. A weight vest or rucksack that requires good posture also activates your core.

3. Throw on a weighted vest.

Bodyweight workouts every few minutes burn more fat. This turns your walk into a "total-body" workout. Do 10 lunges, 10 pushups, and 10 squats (with a weighted vest) every several minutes. You'll target more muscles, increase cardio, and burn more calories.

4. Add resistance exercises.

Warming up before walking is vital, especially if it's chilly or rainy outside. To avoid pain, cramping, and overuse problems, warm up with dynamic stretches, activation drills, and foam rolling. After, stretch and foam roll to avoid stiffness the next day.

5. Warm up and cool down.

Walking on a sidewalk is different from walking on a trail with natural inclines and valleys and a variety of terrain. As you walk, this will burn calories and strengthen your lower body, especially your feet and ankles. At least once a week, walk in nature—a park, trail, beach, etc.

6. Change the path.

Finally, walking longer burns more fat and improves cardiovascular endurance. As you fatigue, your muscles, bones, and joints work harder, building strength and endurance. Slowly add five minutes to your stroll every week or two to avoid overuse issues.

7. Add more time.