7 Fitness Activities for Older People


Swimming is great for arthritis sufferers. Water may absorb 90% of your body weight. Swimming is less joint-stressful than running. It strengthens joint-supporting muscles.


Biking burns more calories than jogging and is easier on your knees. Cycling relieves pressure. Cycling is a great outdoor activity that burns calories and keeps your joints working.

Walking Football

Walking football is for over-50s who thought their footballing days were finished. No running is the most crucial rule. The opposite side gets a free kick if the referee captures a runner.


Playing burns 500 calories each half-hour. Running and grabbing the ball will work all your joints. Squash reduces the incidence of type 2 diabetes.


Golf's fitness advantages may surprise you.  A recent research indicated that men golfers carrying a bag consumed 721 calories playing nine holes. Golf also gets you outside and works your brain.


Walking is the simplest way to workout everyday. Walking can circulate blood without straining your heart. Maintaining the circulatory system reduces stroke risk.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a rigorous kind of walking. Walking poles make this a full-body exercise. The poles assist you walk using upper body strength. Nordic Walking burns 46% more calories than conventional walking and improves posture and gait.

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