7 Simple Daily Exercises To Shrink Hanging Belly Fat

Walk daily, whether you're a beginner or an Olympian. Walking is one of the finest ways to improve your health and fitness. It improves your physical, mental, and waistline health. Wear comfortable shoes and take a daily stroll. Divide it into little walks throughout the day and aim for 15–20 minutes.

1. Walk

Jumping rope is a great aerobic workout with minimum impact. It burns calories and improves athleticism and foot and ankle strength. Start with a few minutes of skipping rope daily and progress to longer or harder sessions.

2. Jump Rope

Squats are the excellent lower-body exercise to target several muscles and burn calories to lose abdominal fat. Bodyweight squats can be done daily because they're low-intensity. With toes slightly out, stand shoulder-width apart. Start by sitting backward and widening your knees. Maintaining a flat back, descend below parallel. At the bottom, drive through your heels and maintain your knees apart.

3. Squats

Crawls stimulate practically every muscle in your body at once to improve your heart rate and get you moving. Crawling may seem challenging at first, but you'll soon build up the endurance and stamina to crawl for longer. Knees an inch above the ground, hands under shoulders, knees under hips. 

4. Crawls

Hip bridges tone your backside and burn calories. They activate your glutes, which improves posture and relieves back and knee pain. Lay on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat. Drive through your heels and clench your glutes to lift your hips. Repeat. Avoid using your lower back to pull yourself up.

5. Hip Bridges

The dead bug is a great core workout for beginners. It targets all your stomach muscles safely, is easy to do, and requires no equipment. Press your lower back into the ground and elevate your glutes while lying on your back with your arms and knees in the air. Reach out with your right and left legs while inhaling and maintaining your hips off the ground. Repeat on other side.

6. Dead Bugs

While watching TV, walking, or taking a break at work, you can do lunges. They engage your entire lower body, yet they're easy enough to do several sets throughout the day. Take a big step back and use your forward leg to bring yourself up. Start with dumbbells and progress to barbell squats.

7. Reverse Lunges