7 Strength Training Habits That Destroy Your Body by 40

You're neglecting warm-ups and cool-downs.

A thorough warm-up is essential for safe workouts and resistance training's numerous advantages. Warming up before lifting weights improves performance and reduces injury risk. 

You're ignoring muscle imbalances.

Muscle imbalances are typical whether you work at a desk and spend a lot of time sitting or a physical profession that requires bending or overhead reaching. 

You're ignoring flexibility.

Regardless of muscle imbalances, flexibility is essential for staying healthy and limber while building strength. After your exercise, stretch for 5–10 minutes.

You're lifting too heavy.

It may be tempting to load the bar with as much weight as you can bear. However, this is a mistake if you want to avoid damage and exercise safely and successfully. 

You're completely ignoring proper form.

To avoid injury, always use good technique while lifting. Your knees and ankles collapsing inward and your lower back arching excessively during lower-body workouts are common form problems. 

You're working yourself way too hard.

While you may be tempted to lift every day, your body repairs and rebuilds while you relax. If you train out every day, you risk injury and stopping or reversing improvements.

Your workouts are repetitive.

The final of the worst strength training habits that ruin your body by 40 is repeating the same exercise. Every six to eight weeks, change your training program.

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