8 Best Memorial Day Activities

Wall of Thank You

Making a "thank you wall" to display our gratitude to our service members is a wonderful gesture.


Have a program where veterans are invited to the classroom or school.

A Soldier Is

This anchor chart is a terrific way to kick off this project with the full class. 

Stained Glass Soldier Craft

It's perfect for decking up your classroom or school in patriotic spirit before a holiday assembly honoring our nation's heroes.

Directed Drawing

Students will start to take note of the variations in military garb as they study more about the many branches of duty.

Branches of Service Hat 

These cute hats, which feature men and women from each service, may be made by students. 

Patriotic Q-Tip

This Q-tip painting project is a terrific opportunity for young pupils to express their patriotism while also having fun. 

Math Memory

Put a little levity into your regular arithmetic routine. Playing this memory game might help with both counting and recognition of numbers.

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