8 Burger Chains That Aren't As Good As They Used to Be

 Burger King's "overly complex menus, slow operations, and outdated restaurants tarnish[ing] Burger King's standing with diners."

Burger King

A recent American Customer Satisfaction Index showed that McD's, the last-place chain, dropped two points.


Despite becoming a fast-food industry favorite, not all former Five Guys devotees still love the brand. 

Five Guys

Redditor "Is it me, or has Whataburger taken a big dive in food quality?" Online users overwhelmingly agreed. 


Sincerely, Jack in the Box has never been a model restaurant, but a drop in food quality has hurt the brand often called "Jack in the Crack" more than usual. 

Jack in the Box

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Wendy's quality has worsened throughout the epidemic. "Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks Wendy's quality has really gone down," tweeted one customer.


 Double western bacon today. $10 sandwich" "Carl's Jr. has always been pricey relative to its competition," and "Remember when Carl

Carl's Jr.