8 Exercises to Eliminate Neck Fat

Look Left, Look Right

Keeping your shoulders square, swivel your head right to look over your right shoulder, back to center, then left over your left shoulder, back to center. 20 x 2 sets.

Look Up, Look Down

Raise your chin as high as you can while pressing your shoulders down. Lower and center your chin. 20 up-and-down reps, 2 sets.


Stand upright, head forward. Without moving your upper body, extend your neck and jaw. Relax after two counts, then start again. 10 times. 

Head Rolls

From a neutral position, lower your chin to the floor, turn it to one side, raise it to the ceiling, turn it to the other side, and lower it again.

Pressure tilts

 Stand upright, head forward. Face forward and tilt your head right. Reach up over your head and press your right palm against your left cheek

Push and Pull

 Take tiny steps away from the wall while pressing your forehead into the band. Hold for 10 counts when the tension is too much to maintain form. Start again. 3 sets.

Shoulder Shrugs

Stand upright, head forward. Raise your shoulders with a medium-weight dumbbell in each hand. Rest to begin. 10 repetitions, 2 sets.

Wide-Grip Pull Ups

 Overhand hold the bar with hands broader than shoulder-width. Jenkins claims this strengthens surrounding muscles for a wider neck. 8-10 pull-ups x 3.