8 Smoothie Additives to Avoid

Flavored yogurt

Most flavored yogurts are filled with sugar, and if they're "fat-free" or "low-fat," they may add more sugar to compensate. 

Canned fruit

Canned fruit is the fastest, cheapest, and most convenient way to add your favorite produce to your smoothie, but most types are packaged in syrups that increase your sugar intake.

Chocolate-Hazelnut spread

This chocolate-hazelnut spread can sweeten a peanut butter smoothie. Skip this if you're trying to lose weight or your doctor told you to decrease sugars and fats.

Added sweeteners

After adding your smoothie components, you want extra sweetness. Instead of sugar, you take honey or maple syrup for a "natural" alternative.

Sugary fruit juice

Fruit juice adds sugar to your smoothie, like flavored yogurt. Start by avoiding store-bought fruit cocktails labeled "real juice.


 A smoothie with alcohol is presumably a daiquiri. Liquor adds calories, sugar, and makes it tougher to drink just one smoothie.

Too much of a good thing

Avocados include monounsaturated fats, which benefit heart health and cholesterol. Avocados have 22 grams of fat, which is a lot for one smoothie item. 

Ice cream

 If you want a healthier smoothie, don't use ice cream. It will turn your smoothie into a dessert-style milkshake, which sounds fantastic.

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