9 Unexpected Ways to Gain Weight Fast

You're eating a lot of sushi

Sushi is fantastic. It is also a nutritious food. Sushi rolls make it difficult to consume enough vegetables, fiber and protein.

You're eating too cautiously

Dieting is great, but you may be too careful and rigid. This can reduce your calorie intake.A metabolic slowdown may cause sudden weight gain.

Your products smell

This stealthy, widespread practice may not be the reason for the weight gain. Disrupts hormones and causes obesity.

Your sleep habits change

If you're waking up earlier, sharing a bed with a new pet or partner, or moved into a less dark bedroom, your sleep quality may suffer.

You're using new dishes

Your crazy new recipes may have been the reason for your sudden weight gain. "If you have bought new plates and/or glasses and have suddenly gained weight,

You're taking pain medication

 The Nutrition Twins suggest that since the scale counts all of your food from the last several days, constipation might cause fast weight increase.

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You're eating too many healthy fats

Healthy fats—monounsaturated and polyunsaturated—reduce inflammation, raise cholesterol, and control blood sugar. Overdoing anything is bad.

Lunch is salad without protein

Adding protein to a tossed salad with fresh greens is wise. Protein at every meal helps you lose weight and feel full.