Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends 2 total-body exercises for an effective 15-minute workout

Personal trainers recommend the deadlift as one of the greatest workouts for building strength and muscle in numerous areas. It also helps you pick up and carry heavy grocery bags, sit and stand with proper posture, and exercise your back, core, and posterior chain muscles like glutes and hamstrings. 

Deadlifts allow you to lift heavy and tap into almost every major muscle group at once

According to research, a deadlift activates more muscles and allows you to lift more weight. Glute bridges, dead bugs, and lat pull-downs are good deadlift warm-ups. Start with your knees bent, hips back, and back flat, then engage your core, press into the ground, straighten your legs, and drive your hips forward to deadlift. 

Schwarzenegger also suggests the clean, which lifts a weight from the ground to your shoulders and then presses it above. The Olympic weightlifting clean involves technique, thus a skilled coach can help you learn it. Power cleans, which conclude in a partial front squat, are better for beginners.

The clean and press is a powerful move to work your legs, core, and upper body 

The clean builds explosive power with the legs, core, and back. Presses are easier and work the shoulders, back, chest, triceps, and core. Cleans and presses can be done separately, but they're usually done together from the ground to overhead using barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells.