Baby Names That Are So Meaningful


Freya is a wonderful option for a girl's name in the spring. Freyja, in Norse mythology, represents the divine qualities of love, fertility, and good fortune.


Lark is a feminine given name that refers to a "playful, lighthearted songbird." There are several bird names that may work for your May baby but one that stands out is Lark.


When it comes to great names for boys born in the spring, Florian is at the top of the list. This adjective, which has Latin origins, implies "flowering."


The beautiful and unusual Indian name Naveen means "hopeful." What could be more appropriate at a time when buds are bursting and babies are being born than this?


In need of a baby name with only one syllable? In its original Greek context, the word kit also meant "hopeful."


This name's meaning in Serbo-Croatian is "dawn," which is associated with the arrival of fresh start and enlightenment. There is nothing more fitting for a newborn born in the month of May.


Some parents may be disappointed to learn that the name Renee is not as uncommon as they had hoped. However, it is a lovely French name that means "reborn," and renewal is the season's theme.


The poppy symbolizes Taurus. Poppy is a strong, down-to-earth name for a girl that is derived from the common red flower that may blanket an entire field.


Maya is a lovely alternative to the more common Maya or Mae. Its meaning in Sanskrit is "illusion," but in Hebrew it simply refers to "water."


Emerson acknowledges the emerald as the May birthstone. Meaning "brave and powerful," this is a beautiful choice for parents looking for a name for their unisex child.


In honor of the emerald birthstone, we offer the lovely and traditional Emily, whose meaning is "hardworking."

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