Benefits of Morning Walks



 Adults who walked outdoors for 20 minutes had more energy than those who walked indoors.

 Feel better.

 minimize stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and depression symptoms or risk. Walk 20–30 minutes five days a week for optimal benefits.

 Exercise daily.

 Walking in the morning lets you finish your daily exercise before family, job, or school demands interfere.

  lose weight.

 Morning walks may aid weight reduction. Moderate 30-minute walking burns 150 calories. 

 Maintain health.

 Walking 30 minutes a day reduces heart disease risk by 19%. Walking may reduce blood sugar in diabetics.

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 Walking strengthens leg muscles. Walk moderately to briskly for optimal outcomes. 

 Clarify thoughts

 Walking may boost creativity. Walking may help you solve problems better than sitting. Especially if you step outside

  Better nighttime sleep

 Morning exercisers slept better. However, further study is required to discover why morning exercise may improve sleep more than night exercise.

 Stay cool

 Walking in the morning in summer—or year-round if you live in a warm climate—allows you to exercise before it becomes too hot.