Best Exercises for a Flat Tummy and Abs


To obtain a flat stomach, you need to lose belly fat. To lose it, run 30–60 minutes four to five times a week at moderate effort. 


If you want a toned body, aerobic activity at moderate intensity or higher will reduce belly fat. Regular cycling may also help lose weight and fat.


There are several methods to plank, depending on fitness and expertise. Newbies may plank on their forearms with their knees on the floor, while fitness enthusiasts can plank on their hands with your knees off the ground.


Deadbugs entail laying on your back and lifting and lowering opposing arms and legs while using your core muscles. Its name comes from the bug-like stance.

Scissor Legs rly

With your shoulders flat to the ground, extend your right leg forward on a high diagonal and left leg back in opposition without lowering, then roll back down and repeat on the other side in a scissor motion.


Everyone knows about sit-ups. They build core stomach muscles in numerous ways, which some may not realize.

Bike Crunch

This workout tones thighs, abs, and obliques. This one is easy to strain or injury if done incorrectly.

V-Sit Hold

This exercise strengthens the whole abdominal region, targets several core areas, and improves balance.

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