Dietitians' Top Weight-Loss Snack

 Nutrients make it filling.


 Snacking may be dangerous while dieting. A balanced, healthy snack might help you control between-meal hunger and perhaps eat less.

 loss-Friendly Snacks


 Snacking more is common. According to 2022 statistics from Current Developments in Nutrition, 90% of Americans eat two to three snacks everyday


 What is the best weight-loss snack? Answer: hummus. Compared to a 240-calorie granola bar, hummus and pretzels reduced hunger in a 2020 Journal of Nutrition


 The subjects ate 120 fewer calories than when they ate granola bars because the hummus suppressed their hunger so wel

 Has Fiber

 Hummus, made from chickpeas, provides slow-digesting fiber. The USDA reports approximately 4 grams of fiber in 1/4 cup of this creamy spread.

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 Protein satisfies better than fat or carbs. Digestion requires more energy. A quarter-cup of hummus contains roughly 5 grams of this beneficial vitamin.

Blood Sugar

 so they won't raise blood sugar. Hummus may have lowered blood glucose levels in the trial participants.


  Nutrition Bulletin report found that water-rich meals including soup, salad, fruits, and vegetables fill you up faster, helping you eat less.

 Slows You

 Messy dishes like hummus are time-consuming. According to 2023 Appetite study, eating quicker leads to eating more food, which is excellent.