Effective Exercises To Reduce Side Fat


Starfish is a modification of the Side Plank, a powerful exercise for burning fat from the sides of the body.

 Side Plank Circles

The side plank circle exercise is great for toning your obliques, hip flexors, and lower abs.

Oblique Crunch

The oblique muscles are the focus of the oblique crunch, an effective exercise for eliminating side fat.

Piked Elbow TwistsOblique Crunch

 Cassey Ho, a Pop Pilates teacher, developed the motion to reduce abdominal fat.

Triangle With Dumbbell

 However, the exercise's effectiveness in shaping your abdominal muscles is greatly enhanced when you use dumbbells.


You'll be targeting your side muscles hard with this Pilates motion. It's a great waist trainer and helps get rid of those pesky muffin tops and love handles.

Leg Lifts

Lower abdominal fat and muffin tops may be effectively eliminated by doing leg lifts.

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