Exercises to Lose Upper Body Fat  





 A few years ago, I experimented. I observed in the mirror that I had extra fat around my armpits, so when I wore tank tops or sundresses

 Trim Your Diet


 If you've gained weight without eating well, the first thing you should do is change your diet. Are you eating too many carbohydrates, calories,

 Fat Exercises

 Body resistance and weight training are the best ways to change. Resistance exercise builds muscle and tightens definition when combined with a lean diet

 Dumbbell Curl


 Dumbbell curls assist you grow larger biceps to define your arms by emphasizing the muscular difference between the shoulders and biceps. 

 Dumbbell Press

 Overhead dumbbell presses enhance arms, shoulders, chest, core, and abs. This workout strengthens upper-body muscles.

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 Side-Raise Benefits 

 Lateral lifts shape shoulders and arms. As we age, they improve shoulder mobility, range of motion, and stability.

 Renegade Benefits

 Renegade rows work obliques, back, and triceps in another full-body workout.

 Pull-Through Benefits


 Plank pull-throughs target your core, biceps, shoulders, and back. They also work your glutes and hamstrings for a full-body workout.

 Push-Up Benefits


 Push-ups boost upper body strength, balance, posture, and flexibility.