Facts about alcohol that will shock you

It only takes one hour

The body processes one standard-sized drink in one hour. Imagine the effects of binge-drinking two or three cocktails at once.

It triggers dopamine

Alcohol releases dopamine, a chemical that makes you feel good. Thus, drinking makes people joyful.

Binge-drinking is bad

Women binge drink with four or more drinks in two hours. Men may have five drinks in two hours. Anxiety and breast cancer risk rise.

It's not good for your brain cells

Instead of drinking after work, consider alternate methods to unwind. One or two cans a night can cause brain shrinkage and memory loss. Its brain-slowing effects make it a depressant.

Fewer colds

Researchers have shown that having a glass or two of either white or red wine each day may reduce the likelihood of catching a cold.

Muscle up!

Alcohol is absorbed more quickly by muscles than by fat. Muscular persons with less body fat tend to have a better tolerance for alcohol.

You might need a toilet

Drinking will make you pee more and cause diarrhea. Alcohol impairs the large intestine's water absorption, making feces watery.

Men and women react differently.

Alcohol affects men and women differently. Long-term drinking is worse for women than men, although males drink more.

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