Focus on diet, not workouts, to lose weight.





 Rapid weight reduction initially loses water, not fat, hence nutritionists advise against it



 The good news is that many individuals struggle to give up their favorite sweets or don't want to exercise.


 Relax—diet and exercise regulations aren't essential. "Because by giving things up or forcing ourselves to do things, we cannot sustainably reach our goal



 From what to eat to calculating your daily calorie intake, here are some solutions.



Vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and water are weight loss allies. According to dietician Johannes Georg Wechsler, sweets, white flour,

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 Water intake is vital. Drink 2–3 litres every day, preferably 3. That includes unsweetened water, tea, and coffee.


 Drinking more helps your body break down and flush away toxins. Wechsler warns that dehydration might cause circulatory issues



 Height, weight, and age determine how much someone should drink. Weather is also crucial. 



 Change your nutrition and exercise. If you don't like sports, there are alternatives, but it's necessary to exercise.