Food and Drink Fads for the Year 2023

Innovative Nut Recipes

There were a startling amount of displays devoted to nuts, from flavored nuts and sprouted nuts to nut butters .

Cultured Foods and Condiments

Kimchi, a fermented cabbage dish popular in Korea, was one of several goods on display that used fermentation as an ingredient.

Honoring Genuine Milk Product

Dairy-free milks and cheeses were a huge hit during the event, but the genuine thing also made a strong showing.

New and Improved Munchies  

You couldn't have missed the healthier chips made with kelp, mushrooms, eggplants, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, and okra instead of potatoes.

Seafood snacking

 Scout invented convenient paper cartons filled with wild-caught tuna and crunchy toppings like chili crisp and za'atar.

Vegan Fish and Chips 

 They are created of konjac, a root vegetable, and pea protein. Plant-based tuna spread and calamari were both introduced by Jinka. 

Fungi Craze

 Products such as coffee, tea, kombucha, cocoa, tonics, elixirs, powders, and tinctures (concentrated mushroom extracts) all contained mushrooms.

"Better" Chocolate

Many people spoke highly of "single origin," "bean-to-bar," and "fair trade" chocolate. Chocolate, please, and wake up! 

Easy-to-Use Middle

Products that included Middle Eastern flavors, particularly those from Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, were in high demand. 

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