Gym Etiquette Everyone Wishes You Would Follow

Not your bedroom, this. Nobody wants to take up a dumbbell that has been covered with someone else's perspiration. Leave the area tidy!

Don't leave your equipment everywhere.

Someone else is waiting by, attempting to be effective with their sweat strategy while you're busy making plans for tonight. You can continue talking after you've finished lifting the weights. Research has even shown that using a phone while exercising has a 45 percent negative impact on balance and stability.

Avoid texting while using equipment.

When the instructor calls "final sprint," the data will be ready and waiting for you. Even though the watch face is small, the light it emits can cause major distractions for those around you.

Try not to check your smartwatch during a dark workout class.

This is the height of indifference, especially given that the weights are arranged in the most user-friendly manner possible. Put the 15-pounder in the slot marked with that weight.

There's no excuse for not racking your weights properly.

While it's wonderful if you enjoy working out to loud hip-hop, not everyone needs to be familiar with your current playlist.

Never listen to music without headphones.

Air out your skin! This is a place to exercise, not a runway. Any genuine effort will cause that glam to go right away.

There's no need for a full face of makeup.

People, there is an entire gym here. Find something else to do until someone finishes using the piece of equipment you wish to use if they are in the middle of it. Actually, it's not that difficult.

Don't hover over someone who isn't finished with their set yet.

You don't possess this bench. Look up the price of a specific piece of gym equipment on Amazon and start saving your money if you want to make your claim on it.

Don't leave your belongings on a bench to claim it as yours, then walk away.

The ultimate "don't eff with me" sign is a pair of headphones. Let a woman work out (and jam out) in peace and save your game for the smoothie bar.

Don't hit on someone wearing headphones.