Gym hacks- Time-saving tips for busy people

Go to the gym early

Gym-going early isn't as bad as it seems. Leave early to avoid traffic and use your favorite gym equipment without waiting. After your session, you'll have the full day and feel amazing.

Join an express class

HIIT sessions burn calories quickly in 15–30 minutes. Two or three HIIT exercises a week will increase cardiac fitness and get your blood flowing fast. Ask your Nuffield Health gym about express classes.

Leave your cellphone in the changing room.

Social media, messages, calls, and music might distract you. Leave your phone in the changing room to save time. Listen to the gym's music or plug your headphones in.

Pack your bag the night before

Prepare your gym gear and luggage the night before so you can get up, get dressed, and go. To avoid hunting for your headphones or water bottle in your exercise backpack, carry just the essentials.

Run to the gym

Running to the gym is the best warmup. Arrive ready to workout and save 10 minutes.

Go bare faced

Makeup smudges on your towel and mascara dripping down your face—not nice. Fresh-faced gym visits save time and embarrassment.

Alternate body parts

Alternating bodily parts reduces pauses between workouts. For instance, train your legs in one phase of the circuit and your torso in the next. Your legs will rest while your torso works out and vice versa.

Repeat a circuit.

Planned workouts save time. Create a circuit or get a personal trainer to design one for you and complete it as many times as possible in 30 minutes with as little break intervals as you want.

Plan your post-workout smoothie

Make a post-workout smoothie with berries, oats, yogurt, milk, almonds, and seeds the night before. Take it out of the fridge before going to the gym to refuel, particularly if you have to work right after.

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