Healthier Group Exercisers



 Staying active is beneficial, especially since so many Americans don't meet national exercise guidelines.


 However, evidence shows that solo exercisers may lose out on health advantages from group exercises.


 A recent study examined whether group exercise may aid medical students, a high-stress population that could benefit from regular exercise.


 One group conducted a 30-minute group core strengthening and functional fitness training program at least once a week, with additional exercise if desired.


 At the outset and every four weeks, researchers examined students' reported stress and quality of life (mental, physical, and emotional).

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 Group exercisers improved all three quality of life measures and reduced stress after 12 weeks.


 Despite exercising an hour longer each week than group exercisers, solitary exercisers merely improved mental quality of life.


 Students choose their own workout group, therefore physical or personality variations between group and solitary exercisers may alter findings.


 Synced group exercise has been studied for its effects on social bonding, pain tolerance, and athletic performance.