Healthy Habits For All Yogis 

Hygiene en somme

You must sleep if you care about your health. If you don't get enough shut-eye, it will show in your mental health.

Cardio and weight training

The health benefits of yoga are many, including the maintenance of a toned, pain-free, strong, and flexible body (depending on the yoga type practiced).

Cultivate self-awareness.

Learning to respond instead of react is one of the most valuable lessons you can take away from your yoga practice. 

Nidra yoga

When participating in yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep, you lie completely still on your back and follow your teacher's lead. 

Serve as a practice

Sharing the knowledge and insights you get through yoga practice with others is one of its greatest rewards. 

Create positive bonds with others

If you keep bad company, you'll end up like them. You become like the people, rituals, lessons, and even material you take in on your phone. 

Pick up a positive outlook.

If you find that you are constantly critical of yourself or others, or that you regard them as threats, then you are likely viewing the world.

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