Healthy Lunches for Weight Loss

 Hummus-Veggie Sandwich


 Lunches that fulfill weight reduction objectives might be hard to locate. These high-fiber, low-calorie lunches include avocado

 Cup of Noodles


 This vegetarian ramen recipe makes homemade instant soup. Pack several jars for weekday lunches.

 Goddess Sandwich

 A delicious green goddess sandwich. Capers and lemon juice flavor the dressing. Cucumber, sprouts, and seasoned avocado lend crunch and creaminess.

  Avocado Sandwich

 Creamy avocado and crunchy cucumbers fill this stacked cucumber-and-avocado sandwich. Ricotta and extra-sharp Cheddar 

 Cucumber Sandwich

 This creamy, crisp cucumber sandwich is rich yet light. The whole-wheat bread binds the cream cheese-yogurt spread

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 White-Bean Salad

 Summer's freshest cherry or grape tomatoes and luscious cucumbers make a wonderful no-cook bean salad for supper or lunch

  Black Bean Salad

 Picnics and potlucks need a black bean salad. Blended avocado makes this vegan version creamy. If you like spicy salads, try arugula.

 Salad Sandwiches


Replace mayonnaise with creamy avocado to lighten egg salad. Toasted whole-wheat bread makes a quick, portable meal.

 Lemon-roasted vegetable 

 These plant-based lunch bowls are packed with fiber-rich roasted veggies. See Associated Recipes for the quick roasted vegetables.