High-protein meals for fat loss and muscle gain

Triple chocolate raspberry brownie batter baked oats

This breakfast provides one of your five-a-day (80 grams). Oats and protein powder lower the dish's glycemic index and boost satiety by adding fiber.

Protein pancakes

Eggs, Greek yogurt, flour, oats, and banana give protein, fiber, minerals (including potassium), and slow-release energy in this meal. To obtain one of your five-a-day, top with fresh, frozen, or canned fruit.

Eggs, turkey bacon, and avocado toast

The avocado boosts the healthful unsaturated fats in this dish, and turkey bacon is a terrific low-fat option to normal bacon.

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Chicken, cheese, sweetcorn, and red pepper quesadilla

Mediterranean veggies are a good option since they each have their own nutrients to meet our daily needs. Swap the chicken with mixed beans for protein and fiber to make this plant-based."

Peanut butter chicken curry

Peanut butter contains beneficial unsaturated fats, but its calories deter some individuals. Try 100% nut and low-sodium soy sauce products to avoid salt and sugar. This dinner seems well-balanced, delicious, and filling!"

One-pan Mexican beef

Choose lean meat and wholegrain rice for fiber and saturated fats. Beef contains B12, iron, and protein. Add a tin of lentils for fiber—3 tbsp is one of your five-a-day—to stretch this meal.

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