How brain cells drive obese appetite.



 These cells produced NPY and rendered the brain more receptive to it, boosting hunger.



 “These cells kickstart changes in the brain that make it more sensitive to even low levels of NPY when there is a surplus of energy in the body 


 “Our study addresses a long-standing question about how obesity controls appetite and has the potential to change therapy development.”



 Obesity, which affects more than one in 10 persons, raises the risk of other chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease.


 Eating habits and physical exercise are major determinants in obesity, an excessive buildup of fat tissue in the body.

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 “Our brain has complex mechanisms that sense energy storage and adjust appetite. 


 “Our brain produces more NPY when we consume less energy than we spend. NPY levels decline and hunger decreases when energy intake surpasses 



 In obesity-induced animal models, 15% of brain neurons that generated NPY did not shut down



 “Our brain sees energy deficiency or weight loss as a threat to our survival and activates mechanisms that increase our appetite to seek food