How do you act when you’re jealous: Zodiac Sign

For the Aries group, everything is a source of competition, but jealousy in particular. When they feel envious, they go all in to win your love and devotion.

If a Taurus believes you are attempting to provoke envy in them, they will treat you like the worst person in the world.

Any insinuation that a Gemini is envious or feels threatened by those below them will be met with derision and laughter.

Emotions. After an argument, a young man and lady of African heritage stand with their backs to each other.

There are three astrological signs that are notorious for getting even. Cancers, like their crab emblem, avoid head-on confrontations, and jealousy is no exception.

I wish my lover loved me more and it is blasphemy that anybody could presume to treat me like a stale scone or cheap commodity.

Jealousy disrupts Virgos' capacity to retain their trademark expression of cool, collected control and detached objectivity.

The Libran sign symbolizes harmony and equilibrium in relationships. However, there is no fairness among this group when it comes to envy.

While criminals come in every color and sign of the zodiac, certain people are more predisposed to engage in antisocial activity than others.

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