How to Get Toned Arms: 7 Exercises

Arm slide

Return to your starting posture without bending your elbows by pulling your arms near your knees. Pull your arms in without arching your back. 

Sliding each arm helps

Go as low as you can, stopping before you can no longer bring your hands back in with a straight spine before your chest reaches the ground.

Slam ball

Catch the ball when it bounces or scoop it up if it doesn't and throw it over your head. Stay upright and utilize your knees to get up.

Dumbbell benchpress

 Dumbbell bench presses engage your chest, deltoids, triceps, and lats.

Bicep curls with band

Avoid swinging or leaning to raise your hands. Except for your arms, stay upright.

Supine barbell rows 

Walk toward the straps at a 45-degree angle with your chest towards the anchor point. Hold the straps palms-forward.

Narrow push-up

Start in a plank with your hands exactly beneath your shoulders and your fingers pointing forward.

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