How to Lose Body Fat With 10 Easy Workouts

Certified personal trainer and fitness director Clarence Hairston believes you're losing cardio's fat-burning benefits if you lift but don't sweat. Running, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, and other high-heart-rate exercises burn more calories than strength training. "Try changing speeds and adding inclines to burn fat even faster," he suggests. Stay active year-round with the best exercise bikes.

Include 30 minutes of cardio in your workouts.

Lunges and push-ups may seem simple, but Hairston thinks they're one of the best methods to lose weight. He proposes alternating 12 lunges and 12 push-ups for three sets every other day. These two basic workouts will shape muscle for a leaner, toned body. "You can use this to start or finish your workout," he says. Check out these 38 fat-burning foods for more weight loss advice.

Lunges and push-ups alternate.

Personal fitness coach Adam Gray-Hayward recommends HIIT workouts for fat loss. This aerobic method involves pushing yourself hard for 20 seconds and then actively resting to catch your breath for up to twice as long. The cycle lasts 20–30 minutes. If you walk, fast walk or jog for 20–30 seconds, then slow down for 30–60 seconds, then repeat. 

Try HIIT workouts

Gray-Hayward advocates watching the clock instead than counting steps. He says this will assist your body reduce fat. It's more beneficial to stroll before work and breakfast. "This walk wakes up your metabolism first thing in the morning, putting you in a fat-burning state all day," he says. Discover how many calories your favorite workout class burns.

Daily 45-minute walks

Total body movements train your muscles to function together and give you a greater workout in less time. "You're building strength, not just through a single muscle group, but through your core as well," he says. Work with a personal trainer to create a fat-burning plan that targets all your regions. Avoid these fitness trainer-recommended moves.

Focus on total-body movements

"The key to burning fat—even with easy workouts—is to take it one day at a time and build healthy habits that you can stick to consistently," adds Spraul. "Trying to rush results will increase the likelihood that you will'rebound' back in the wrong direction." These 13 folks share what made them love exercise.

Seek activities you enjoy

Personal trainer Ambyr Chatzopoulos says it's easy to hit a button or hop on the moving stairs and arrive uncontested, but you're missing a fantastic opportunity to shed body fat. Add some simple stair routines: You might jump, sidestep, or take two steps at a time up the stairs. For ten steps, do each action for 45–60 seconds.

Take the stairs

Narrow Road Fitness founder Jill McKay recommends this move to tone your posterior. Squat leaps, if possible: After lowering down, jump up and repeat, keeping your back straight, eyes ahead, and knees from crossing your toes. "Jumping squats just add a bit of explosion from the deep-knee-bend position to really get your heart rate up," she says. 

Do squats every single day

most powerful ways to lose body fat because it utilizes your whole body and needs a lot of concentration. If you perform enough repetitions to fatigue or fail, this will strengthen your shoulders and arms. Putting your hands on a bench, table, or even standing facing the wall can make push-ups simpler. She suggests doing them on your knees in a modified plank stance. A 30-day push-up challenge can burn fat. See also 30 easy strategies to burn fat rapidly.

Work on your push-up game

Lindsey Mathews, IdealFit's head trainer and nutritionist, recommends cardio circuits to avoid boredom. She recommends four body-weight exercises—mountain climbers, skaters, and burpees—for 30 to 60 seconds, followed by a 20- to 30-second recovery. Most importantly, time will fly. She suggests "enjoying your workout" to push yourself harder and not watch the clock. This enables for prolonged workout adherence and weight loss.

Try cardio circuits