How to Lose Fat

 Do cardio


 Cardio burns the most calories quickly. Interval training a few times a week helps burn fat.

 Interval training. 


 Interval training boosts metabolism more than exercise. High-intensity interval training burns more fat than other exercises

  daily movement.

 Lifestyle exercise is low to moderate intensity. You're active with a slightly elevated heart rate but not out of breath.

 Protein up


 Lean protein supports weight reduction and satisfies longer than carbs.[17] On average, males require 56 grams of protein 

 Limit carbs.

  Low-carb diets lose more weight and fat than low-fat diets.[19] Limiting carbs helps you lose weight, particularly fat.

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  Eat well

 Lean protein and reducing carbohydrates may help you reduce weight, but you should still eat a balanced diet.

 Avoid alcohol and sweets. 

 Sugar and alcohol induce weight growth, particularly fat gain, according to research.  Avoiding these meals may help you

 Avoid diet medications.


  Diet pills guarantee fast weight and fat loss. Diet pills are not FDA-regulated and may cause harm. 

 Get measurements.

  As you eat, exercise, and lose weight, weigh yourself or take measurements to track your progress.