How to safely bicycle ?

Put on a helmet

A helmet protects your skull (and, by extension, your brain) in the event of a collision or accident. 

Ride single file

 If you appreciate bicycling with a companion, one of you should take the lead.

Use the correct side

You should ride in the same direction as automobile traffic. Be sure to cycle on the right side of the road.

Use hand gestures

Inform drivers and other road users of your intention to turn or take other actions.

Abstain from electronics

Do not wear headphones or anything else that could impair your ability to hear surrounding vehicles.

Maintain vigilance

Be on the watch for uneven terrain, craters, stagnant water, and other potential hazards, as they could be hazardous.

Maintain your bicycle

Maintain your bicycle by performing routine maintenance and spot inspections to ensure that the chains, wheels, brakes.

Ride a stationary

 Whether you own a stationary bike or use one at a facility, you can get an excellent exercise that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Cycling courses

This may be a good option if you need someone to encourage you to keep pedaling throughout your exercise. 

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