If you need to improve your sleep : Try This

Andrea Allison, a physical therapist at Physical Therapy Central in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, recommends sticking to a regular sleep-wake schedule, within an hour or so.

Develop a nighttime ritual. What works for kids, Allison believes, also works for adults.

If you drink alcohol or consume caffeine, stop doing so in the afternoon. Both of these things have the potential to disrupt your sleep.

Before you turn in for the night, you may want to jot down your thoughts. If you're feeling overwhelmed by job, life, or anything else, this may assist, as Allison puts it.

You may learn a lot about your sleeping habits by investing in wearable fitness devices. 

Even while these gadgets aren't cheap, they might help you learn more about your sleep habits and how to improve them.

If you have been having trouble sleeping, it's best to see a doctor. They may be used to rule out sleep disorders including insomnia and obstructive apnea.

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