Is It True That Orange Juice Is Healthy?

Although orange juice is made primarily from nutrient-rich fruit, not all juices are created equally, especially when considering the many different brands of mass-produced juice.

There are brands of orange juice available at the grocery store that are made from high-quality ingredients and include no added sugars at all.

 "However, [100% orange juice] does not contain added sugars—and you can buy it with pulp for a small boost in fiber," she adds.

If you're watching your carb intake, you may also discover choices that have half the sugar. A wonderful low-sugar alternative is Simply Light Orange Juice.

The acid in orange juice, specifically, may help dissolve kidney stones. breakfast of blueberry-walnut oats, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and a cup of joe.

Drinking orange juice has been connected in research to lowering the risk of developing kidney stones, according to Whole Self Nutrition owner Caroline Young.

Inflammation may cause damage to almost every region of the body, but include orange juice in your daily routine may help prevent this.

Non-obese persons with greater cardiovascular risk who were given 500 mL of orange juice daily for 12 weeks had decreased inflammation.

Although some research has linked fruit juice consumption with an increased risk of obesity, other research has found the opposite to be true for regular orange juice drinkers.

Those that need to bulk up could find this helpful. According to Thomason, "people who need to gain weight or may have lost their appetite, juice is a great way to increase calories without feeling overly full."

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