Is Orange Juice Good For You?

Orange juice reduces stroke risk

Orange juice drinking reduces ischemic stroke risk by 22% in men and 19% in women.

OJ helps kidney stones

A Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology study of almost 200,000 patients found that orange juice prevents kidney stones.

Orange juice reduces inflammation

Orange juice may prevent inflammation, which damages practically every body component. Orange juice reduced oxidative stress and inflammation.

Orange juice promote weight loss

Some research imply that orange juice drinkers may be less likely to develop obese than non-juicers.

Orange juice may add weight

People who need to gain weight or who may have lost their appetite, juice is a great way to increase calories without feeling overly full

OJ counts towards the daily fruit intake

Since most Americans don't get enough fruit, 100% orange juice can help.The 2020–2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Cholesterol may decrease

Orange juice may lower high cholesterol.Orange juice may lower high cholesterol.

Immune-boosting orange juice

Vitamin C-rich orange juice may enhance your immune system.Orange juice reduces inflammation, which may improve immunological function

Lowers blood pressure

Orange juice may benefit 45% of U.S. people with high blood pressure.A 2021 European Journal of Nutrition study found that over 12 weeks,

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