Is Strength Training Good for Weight Loss?

Strength training, like other types of exercise, challenges your body, increasing calorie burn (in comparison to doing nothing).

In order to lose weight, you need to increase your caloric expenditure beyond your food intake. Therefore, it may be possible to lose weight over time by combining strength training with a moderate calorie restriction.

Aerobic exercise often outperforms strength training when it comes to calorie expenditure. For a 155-pound individual, 30 minutes of regular weight lifting is estimated to burn about 108 calories.

 If the same individual cycles at a moderate effort for the same amount of time, they will burn 252 calories.

Strength training can aid healthy weight loss in ways that go beyond the simple calculation of calories burned.

When individuals who are overweight or obese participate in a weight reduction program that includes resistance or strength training, the results are more positive. 

That's because there's mounting evidence that lifting weights is one of the best ways to increase muscle mass while decreasing fat deposits throughout the body.

The muscles you work out with weight training are strengthened by aerobic exercises (such as running, jogging, and cycling).

The real benefit of strength training for weight loss lies in the maintenance of lean tissue."

When compared to calorie restriction alone or calorie restriction plus aerobic exercise, the pounds lost while resistance or strength training as part of a weight loss plan are more likely to come from fat mass than muscle mass.

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