Lose Belly Fat & Get Instant Abs With 5 Exercises 

When done correctly, the plank is an excellent isometric core exercise that serves to strengthen the entire abdominal region, lower back, and glutes. Elevating your feet or prolonging the hold time will make it more difficult.

1. Planks

Exercises like bicycle crunches work the entire abdominal area. The exercise's cross-body design is fantastic for generating a different stimulus from the traditional abdominal crunch, effectively working your obliques and transverse abdominal muscles.

2. Bicycle Crunches

Russian twists work wonders for the obliques. Additionally, they aid in opening up your back, enhancing spinal flexibility and range of motion while maintaining the overall strength and health of your body.

3. Russian Twists

Next on our list of our favorite workouts to gain fast abs and decrease belly fat are leg lifts. With other exercises, it may be challenging to engage the lower abdominal muscles, which are the focus of this maneuver. Leg lifts are essential for achieving a strong V-shred in your lower abs.

4. Leg Raises

Your hip flexors and abdominal muscles take a brutal beating from mountain climbers. Due to the explosive nature of the exercise when done in that way, they also provide a wonderful metabolic boost. Just make sure you are comfortable with the movement and don't have any lower back problems before performing them explosively.

5. Mountain Climbers